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Proud Past, Strong Future

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Mission Statement

In partnership with parents, the primary educators of our students, the Church, and the community, St. John Brebeuf Catholic School exists to provide a Catholic education of the highest quality.  Learning will take place in a safe and caring environment where all are treated with dignity and respect.  Each individual will be encouraged to grow spiritually, morally, emotionally, academically, physically and socially towards their unique fulfillment.  This will enable them to become productive members of our global community.  From a proud past, together we seek to continue to build a strong future within the context of Gospel values.




St. John Brebeuf Catholic School opened it doors in September, 1979 to some thirty-five students in grades one through eight. With the commitment, dedication and hard work of parents, teachers and students, the next few years saw rapid expansion as enrollment continued to grow. Housed in a temporary, relocatable structure the need for a permanent facility soon became apparent to all.

The new structure became a reality in March, 1991 when students and staff moved into the all new St. John Brebeuf Catholic School. Enrolment consisted of 156 students. The new facility afforded students a greatly improved education. Students now had a beautiful new large gymnasium and stage area, and for the first time a library resource room.

St. John Brebeuf Catholic School continued to grow throughout the 1990’s and into the next century. As a result of this continued growth, an addition consisting of six classrooms, a new library resource centre, additional washrooms and storage space was built and opened in September, 2005. Presently, St. John Brebeuf Catholic School is home to over three hundred students.

In its years of existence, St. John Brebeuf Catholic School has had four principals: Mr. Andy Beaudoin from September 1979 until June, 1986; Mrs. Anne Atkinson from September 1986 until March 1993; Mr. Tony Bazinet from March 1993 until June 2000; Mr. Art Connolly from September 2000 until until June 2009; and Mr. Corey Malone September 2009 until June 2013; Kellie Angerilli September 2013 until June 2016 and Lowell Butts is the current principal.